I am the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Dreamcatcher IT. Full-stack web developer and UI/ UX specialist. I specialize in creating beautiful custom-built applications for clients ranging from individuals and small-businesses all the way to large enterprise corporations. Minimalism & simplicity are what I believe in. Writing efficient, elegant and clean code is my passion. I have serious passion for UI effects, creating intuitive and dynamic user experiences. For building websites my weapons of choice are: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and a touch of Bootstrap. I keep myself calm and focus on multi-tasking while being patient. Whatever goals I set, I ensure to complete them within stipulated time. I enjoy being around people who are so eager to learn and help others. I'm a problem solver, I love having puzzles to fix and thinking logically through every obstacle encountered whilst making a website. I want to attain success in the web world and turn into a ‘web design rockstar’. In my spare time, I enjoy brushing up on my skills and learning about any new changes or trends in the technology. I love hanging out with my friends and family! I like shopping, cooking, singing, dancing and playing piano. I enjoy music, glass painting, playing tennis and basketball. I'm a huge movie buff. I love to travel and experience new cultures. I have a passion for creating and enhance anything technology related. My objective is to build trust and good working relationship with job providers by providing quality and timely work.

“A designer is someone who constructs while he thinks, someone for whom planning and making go together.” I am a passionate web designer, interactive developer, and data visualization enthusiast; always seeking to be experienced in cutting edge technologies; dedicating my life to building beautiful, well designed websites and applications.

Key Tech Expertise

It takes knowledge, smart work, and dedication to make great ideas come to life. I am always ready to accept new challenges

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Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
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Professional Experience

May 2017
  • Dreamcatcher IT
  • MD & Co-Founder
  • Software Engineer
  • May 2017 - Present

Sept 2016
  • RDS Solution
  • Software Engineer, Web Developer
  • Sept 2016 - May 2017

It's Not My Work. It's My Passion!

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